Don’t Drone, Fly.

You’ve tried drones, but flapping MetaFly’s wings like in nature is a completely different experience.

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Experience Winged Flight

Take flight the way animals in nature do: flapping and gliding. 

High maneuverability at high or low speeds is perfect for tight indoor spaces or the great outdoors

More Fun, Better Control.

2 channel RC means maximum control, wider range, and no interference

Just How Accurate?

So accurate you can fly it indoors and make sharp turns around furniture. Whether fast or slow.

Runs on 4 AAA batteries so you can stop carrying around battery packs

Some (Other) Useful Details

Navigate accurately

with dedicated remote control

Flies indoors easily

Yeah, seriously.

Wireless range of

100 meters / 320 feet

Crash-proof thanks to an elastic

helmet, legs, and wings

Speeds up to

30 km/h

Can take off and land

 like in nature

40 Years in the Making

MetaFly is the result of more than 40 years of Research and Development.

Starting in the 1960s, my grandfather created the first successful mechanic bird together

with my father, a prolific inventor himself.

I’ve continued the tradition by becoming an aeronautical engineer and dedicating my life

to studying and innovating with biomimetic and aeronautic engineering.

It’s my pleasure to share that passion with the world. 

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Now LIVE on Kickstarter

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